VIX Intraday Update: Another Leg Up?

Since early January 2018 the VIX has created a bottom after which the VIX charged up.  There is a high probability that the VIX correction is over, and it should add on another leg up. I will stay with the diagonal wave count as that is the main pattern of the VIX as well. The commercial traders are still net long by a long shot, and if the VIX continues north than this ratio should start to change as well. That won’t happen overnight, but we are assured of some violent moves in both directions.

We do have 2 open gaps below present prices, but they may not get closed on this trip. Even though the SP500 is still breaking new records,  fear is creeping back into the markets.  Right now the $14 price level could give us some stiff resistance, but if the bigger run is in the cards, then that $14 price level well get retraced by a wide margin. The $17 and $21 price levels, should be next to get hit if this run has any legs at all.

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