VIX Intraday Record Low Update

This morning the VIX created another low after which the VIX started to move up again. End of the month and the end of another quarter shows how complacent investors really are. When the stock bulls are so complacent, then the attack of the stock bears is not far away. This will inject fear back into the markets again.  There is a big gap open above present VIX price levels, works like a magnet attracting  prices to the gap. 

At a minimum it would be nice for the gap to get closed off, but a new gap on the way up can reverse the VIX just as fast. At $12.60 we have several resistance levels that the VIX would also have to contend with.  October can be one of the most volatile months out of the year, with the 30 year anniversary date of the 1987 stock market crash due as well.   

Even though the markets have been pushing to new record highs, I have to remain bearish on stocks until the public gets very bearish on stocks again. 

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