Vanadium: The metal we can’t do without and don’t produce

Vanadium: The metal we can’t do without and don’t produce

In the last few years, I have been reading as much as I can about Vanadium and what it’s used for.  I do not make calls on when and where one should invest as individuals all have different pain thresholds.

Vanadium is all about solar power storage with what they call “Vanadium Redox Batteries”  that can store most of the solar power created during peak hours,  and then smooth it out for use when the sun is not shinning.

There are many uses for Vanadium and they figure demand will double as battery storage is going to be the rage.  I’m not a lithium fan at all and I have read that adding Vanadium to lithium batteries Supercharges the batteries.

There are no single Vanadium deposits in the world as Vanadium can be found with many other minerals.  I own 3 Vanadium related companies which I will post one of them below.

This is not a buy recommendation but I like the crash from $19 down to 2 cents. I have about a 4 cent cost per share.

This is what SEK looks like in linear form. Most investors would never buy anything that low, but somebody is buying, as the volume has exploded in 2019.

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