US Dollar Intrday Crash Review

         Due to the server being down, I have not been able to post in the last 20 hrs or so. I’m very unhappy with the downtime the server has been, but I will look at other options when cash flow becomes more reliable.


 I posted this on my old blog, but it still hasn’t changed that much.  We have a top at 103.820 at this time and hopefully that will hold for many years. Any potential “D” wave top cannot produce an expanded pattern, so if the real top is in no more new highs should happen.  The entire world has been bullish on the US dollar, but what they don’t realize is that the entire US dollar bull market was a big fake bull market, lasting close to 8 years. 

I just love the whole Fibonacci numbers as they fit time spans very well.  If the majority is trying to give us support numbers, they will not work, but only on a temporary basis.  Just like stocks will not give us a solid support,  until the entire bear market in stocks has been completed. 


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