US Dollar Intraday Crash Update

As much as I would love to keep giving a US dollar bearish wave count, we could be sitting at a slightly expanded 4th wave, corrective bottom.  If this is the case, then the late October peak, will get exceeded again.  It can be fast or slow and even take until the end of the month to fully play out. 

The best bearish wave count would put us at another potential wave 2 rally, but then the entire bullish phase that started in October must get completely retraced. Gold would certainly not like, a US dollar rally. The Euro also created a fast move up and would plunge as the US dollar gets more traction.  Yes, many of these expanded patterns don’t work out, but the only way to get a better fit, we need to learn from every failed wave count. 

Eventually the 5th wave decline in Minor degree will happen after which we could land on an Intermediate degree wave “A” which would be part of an “E” wave decline. The entire pattern would be a single Primary degree move, but consisting of 3 waves in Intermediate degree.

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