US Dollar Intraday Bullish Phase Update With “Fedcoin” Commentary!

The US dollar has now traveled a bit higher than I would like to see. After some more daily chart reviewing, we could have finished a “B” wave bottom in a wave 1-2 pattern.  Even without the US dollar heading much higher we could already have reached a wave 2 top in Minor degree.  That gap down below will get filled as the US dollar is still in a bear market. 

The majority has not clued into the fact that the US dollar has been in a bear market already.  Bull markets end when the majority of experts are in consensus, saying that the bull market will “never” end. The exact same thing happened in reverse with the 2008 USD bottom when a bull market was born. Until the experts have the consensus opinion that the USD is very bearish, then it will be time for the bear market to end.  This all may sound silly to the majority, but it’s the mainstay thinking that contrarians use. 

There is even talk about a “Fedcoin”, joining about 500 other ICOs in various stages of completion.  

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Definition | Investopedia


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