US Dollar Bullish Phase Update

In the US dollar bullish run that started in December is a pretty steep angle. We are also getting a double top, and as an added bonus, we have the possibility of a H&S pattern. If I was far more bullish, then chances are good that the H&S pattern will never hold. 

We also have a nice fat gap, still open below present prices, which will get closed in time. There is a 90% chance of any gap getting closed, but some of them could take years to close.  

All those Bitcoin owners who sell and convert into the US dollar will find that the US dollar is crashing. How long would it take to panic out of the US dollar, especially if the only asset class that will be going up, ends up being  gold and silver? 

In the big scope of things the impending “E”  wave decline in the US dollar, could take it to new record lows. When the headlines dominate with US dollar bad news, then we may be ready for another wild USD bullish phase. 

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