The 10 Ounce Silver Coin, A Beautiful Coin

Border Gold

Ten Ounce silver coin I call the “Silver Stone” in US dollars


I have one of these coins which I take with me to some family gatherings and you should see the looks in their faces when they see this coin for the first time. When the price crashes I will by some more and give one to my granddaughter as she was born in 2017.

This coin has a very tough tamper proof seal on it that can take a lot of punishment. Before I went and got this I printed out a price and it was 238.08 CAD. Two hours later I picked up the coin and it fell .08 cents.  After this crash is done and finished gold and silver prices will be very low, but at the very same time they are producing the base that will hold for a very long time looking ahead to the first 2041 year cycle.  I can’t confirm it just yet but I tried to calculate the time period right up to 2101 and found that this 30 year cycle has a 1 to 2 year plus or minus forecasting window which is so close it has made a big impression on me that I can’t ignore. I know the reason for the 30 year cycle, and I will not divulge it freely to people that have no skin in this game.

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