Euro: 1985-2016 Cycle Degree Wave III-IV Review.




This week I have started to look and recount many of the commodities that I analyze. I realized that Cycle degree wave III may have been in our past for some time already, but now we have to find the best location for it. Most of the problems we had in doing this, is because the lack of charts that go deep enough in history to find a more detailed chart. We have to get the old Deutche Mark chart, and it will splice into the Euro chart above. 

It is this Euro chart where I have to inverse the EWP, and not the USD. It is the USD that refuses to implode because it still is in a huge bull market, and the inverse is still true with the Euro. I saw a 1-2, 1-2, and a third 1-2, which is exactly the type of count we would get in an impulse. This can happen going up or down, but with the Euro we are eventually heading down big time. Not until another bullish rally has been completed. The Euro is still resting, but don’t let any counter rally make you think that the Euro is going to the moon. It’s going to go the opposite way and get flushed down the toilet as the bearish mood at that time will be at an extreme. 

In the long run the Euro will get crushed and if it survives after the Cycle degree wave 5 bottom, then we should see an all new bull market in Super Cycle degree. Moving Cycle degree wave 3 into the past, pushes us closer and closer, to all the Supercycle degree wave positions as well. 

If the Euro does “not” hit .55 on the chart above, I will be surprised.  The next new decline should give us one more set of 1-2 waves in Minute degree, but many times they may not peak through. At this level they may be hard to see.  Once this next set of 1-2  waves completes, then the Euro will be about half of the way to its conclusion.

After any Minor degree 5th wave is finished, then only the 3-4-5 wave sequences will show themselves.  I have talked about the 1-2 punch many times, but devoted wave counters are the only ones that will understand these sequences. 

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