T-Bonds Intraday Bullish Review

For the last few days I have been looking at the huge T-Bond bull market which started way back in 1981. It was a bull market that was so choppy, that it can only work as a diagonal wave structure. In mid 2016 this huge bull market came to an abrupt halt, and then proceeded to crash. Bonds have been in a rally, which had a potential wave 1 top in Minute degree, and then crashed which sure counts out as a zigzag.  This zigzag crash gives us a clue that this T-Bond market will retrace all of wave 2. 

Following the wave 2 bottom, it sure looks like another impulse wave has started which could be in a 4th wave correction.  We still would need to add on a 5th wave. This 5th wave could extend, but would have to end on another wave 1 peak.  I can spend days on the big bull market and still not come up with a viable large degree wave count. I have to hunt up a very big historical chart,  as going back 36 years just doesn’t cut it.  

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