T-Bonds Intraday Bullish Review


T-Bonds hit a bottom Oct, 9th and since then has been producing higher lows. Longer term I’m very bullish on T-Bonds, but T-Bonds contain diagonals that are very difficult to tell if the trend will continue. I started this bullish wave count with very small degree waves and will build on that until a wave 1 in Minor degree comes to an end. T-Bonds have a long records going back to 1861, which took 120 years to correct, into the 1981 bottom. T-Bonds produced another major peak on July 11, 2016, after which it crashed again, ending this October.

I sure would like to see more bullish action as that would take the pressure off raising rates. I will keep this brief as anything can still happen in the short term, and we need more time and distance to be confident enough to have a real bottom.

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