T-Bonds December Intraday Chart: Potential Bottom?



Shortly after I posted the big T-Bond chart, the T-Bond market at the intraday scale hit a bottom. Of course, that could be just luck, but T-Bonds produced a very bullish pattern because a set of 5 waves started to form.  It can still be a fake bottom, but that should clear up this week if possible.   The news changed quickly as they are saying the “pressure” to keep rates moving higher, was eased!  I do not fill out all the little micro moves, as that’s for people that have nothing else better to do.  If we can count all the little waves, then how come we can’t see a bull market coming?

This morning confirmed the correction, but in order for it to remain true, T-Bonds must not produce another bear market low.  President Trump is already giving the Fed the gears, so the in-fighting has become pretty clear to me.  Every Fed has done this in the past, which has always popped any bubble,  going on at that time. If this specific correction doesn’t hold, then there will be another, as T-Bonds are in a bull market, not a bear market like the majority think!

All the Commercial reports regarding Bonds show bullish commitments. Bearish wave counts will always fail if we keep ignoring the COT reports, or if we have bearish wave counts, along with every other T-Bond bear!  I will keep this short, as gold and gold stocks could also go much lower.

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