T-Bond Wave Counting Example From March, 1980!

Digging around the Internet for big historical charts, I found this very interesting T-Bond wave count. I don’t know who the author was but that’s how everything was counted like in those days. In those days it was just before the end of the T-Bond crash, and to top it off, he was seeing 5 waves down in Primary degree. I had no problems in deciphering his degree list as it looks like it came from an “old school” degree list. 38 years later I have the same 5 waves down in Primary degree. The only difference is that the “b, c” in Cycle degree should be switched around. The “b” wave in Cycle degree should be at the top.

If I had to assemble a crew of wave analysts, I would hire him on the spot. I sure can’t say that about any wave analysts today. I never had decent charts until well into the early 1990’s as all I had was a Text-based internet.

T-Bonds came to a 120-year bear market bottom in 1981, which I see as a wave 2 in Supercycle degree. All my large degree analytical Elliott Wave work is done off-line with big print-outs. 38 years later I end up confirming in what he thinks he is seeing.

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