T-Bond Crash Continues, Intraday Review



Since T-Bonds are still pointing down, or bearish I thought I would take a look at the intraday scale.  I don’t have the time that is required to create a better wave count, but hopefully it will make sense on the weekly chart scale.  It sure looks like T-Bonds crossed to a new low with a 3 wave pattern, which can make this a potential expanded pattern.

It’s a toss up as this would also work as a diagonal 5th wave. From an expanded pattern perspective T-Bonds could soar much more, especially if some traffic comes from the stock markets.  At this time, T-Bonds (TLT)  could have finished a major bull market top just before the Trump election. If this is true, then no amount of destruction in the stock markets, will push T-Bonds to new record highs. 

Once any new trend is established, then no amount of  fundamental news can lift T-Bond prices for very long.  In this case there is always a bit of doubt since the T-Bond bull market had been going since 1982 or so.

T-Bonds would have a very long bear market, but by 2021 it may be ready to reverse once more.  At this time I’m looking for a zigzag crash in Primary degree, and if I think there may be a dramatic alternate to show up, I will adjust it when we get close.  In a big potential bear market all the rallies are wild reversals,  producing choppy and overlapping wave structures. 

Another full moon kicked in yesterday, so maybe T-Bonds like to rally with the full moon. These types of connections have to be back tested or tracked going forward, before there can be any reliability to them. 

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