Submillennium Degree Wave 1-2-3

Our EWP book does not show us how to find our wave counting mistakes, as the EWP is extremely biased to GSC degree wave counting. I accepted the idea that the EWP is just one single impulse where the wave 3’s are always the longest waves. This involves the ability to count with the wave 1-2, 1-2, 1-2 sequence first. This always makes wave 1-2 the shortest wave. The above chart is wave 1,2,3 in Submillennium degree, with wave 1 being the Medieval Warm Period and wave 2 in Submilliennium degree, ending about 1501 CE  in the Little Ice Age. The social mood at that time was dominated by, plagues, wars, crop failures, and witch burnings. Witches were blamed for global cooling and 1000’s of witches were burned every year across most of Europe as scapegoats for climate change.

I extended Submillennium wave 3 down to Primary degree and to get that in the chart, I had to fit into a portrait style chart. In reality, this chart would run at about a 45-50 degree angle with landscape settings. The idea is to find all the 1-2 wave bases and then find the location of our last idealized wave 3 in Cycle degree. The idealized form, is supposed to be a well drawn out which we need to follow, otherwise, how do we know when we are wrong?

Just because the markets don’t behave as expected does not mean we should throw out the roadmap, it means we have to check our location again, and again. Every Minor degree move that does not come in when we expect them to, is an automatic trigger to go back in history and start again. In my own wave counting experience, it was after 1942 where the biggest roadblocks originate from, as all the experts in the world did not extend wave 3 but they extended the 5th waves. After 1942 we were already in a third of a third situation which was completely ignored because the 70’s looked like a triangle. What they look like is the easy way of counting, but knowing the sequential structure it’s a whole different ball game.

The above hand-drawn chart is a large high DPI commercial scanned copy and it may look small,  but you can blow them up to just about the size of a door or flag. The above-idealized chart should be good for until 2101. Sure a lot will happen by then, as meteorites can crash into New York and Chicago, or another sudden cold dip and another ice age.

As the past has demonstrated, markets can take huge beatings where you figure it’s the end of the world, but yet they turn and a new super bull emerges.

This page will stay up as a single page as it is the basis of all my work, but I have most smaller degree idealized runs also posted online. It’s all about our perception of what an extended impulse must look like, and most wave analysts can’t even draw out an extended 5 wave sequence in Primary degree, never mind 5 waves in Grand Supercycle degree.

Most modern-day wave analytics is all about short-term trade setups which I refuse to do, as those types of sites are a dime a dozen. Not a single 5th wave peak must be left open or uncapped, because those uncapped 5th waves is a clear signal, that a wave analyst is lost and he is just guessing. All the fancy wave painting, after an uncapped 5th wave, means nothing as it becomes riddled with mistakes again and again.


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