SPY Crash And Impending Bear Market Update!




This SPY ETF is one of the most popular single ETFs that traders and investors use. Last week we had well over $70 billion traded in just one single day, so when the SPY heads down you can bet there is going to be insane volumes show up. The real top was in January 2018, not 8 months later that the majority use.  An expanded top is not some rare top as they do happen at smaller scales. Most wave counters ignore expanded patterns, but I try not to. Some peaks are impossible to sort out in the beginning, but we should get 5 waves own in Minor degree.

What we had last week is just a little wake-up call, and once investors see the SPY to continue to crash, they will no longer be as eager to but SPY ETF stock!  The $250 price level may give us temporary support but that should not hold in the long run.

Hopefully, we can find that “A” wave bottom in Primary degree, as that would give investors a better support base to work with. Again, if those analysts are calling to buy on the “dips” then those analysts have no clue how deep this bear market will eventually get. No wimpy 10%, 20% or even 40% correction is going to do the trick, as that will never make a dent into this leveraged world.

Real estate is the most over leverage asset class you can imagine, and it is even worse than the leverage with any 100-ounce gold futures contract. Give this big bearish phase 3-4 years to play out, but watch for the ending of solar cycle #24, and the start of solar cycle #25, as that will produce the next bull market.

The last thing we should do is to remain bearish when solar cycle #25 starts to poke through the northern hemisphere on the sun.  No trend lasts forever including bear markets, but if you’re not following the solar cycles now then, you will gain no confidence, once 2008 like bottom arrives again. Solar cycle #24 produced this bull market and 2022 should get us close to another exact same set-up!

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