S&P TSE Index 2014-2018 Update!


When I looked at this chart I instantly noticed the exact same pattern in this TSE chart during the 2015 crash as the SP500 -8-9 months.  The only difference is this move did not expand higher, but otherwise, it is the exact same wave pattern we have been getting since the January 2018 peak. These are ugly patterns, but sure have characteristics of the commodities diagonal wave structure I use.

After the January 2018 peak, another expanded pattern developed, and still, the outcome will be the same.  In the long run, the bottom trend line may not hold but at this time it is a bit early to speculate about it.

Canada is in serious trouble as our Fed is determined to crash the markets with their stupid outlook about inflation. The Bank Of Canada rate increase may not sound like much but what rate increases do is drain the liquidity from the economy. Very few people will have an appetite to borrow money for an overpriced home or condo. The bull market is over folks, as the anticipated bear market is going to last much longer, and fall much deeper than we can all imagine at this time.

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