S&P Midcap E-Mini Record High Review

Since the mid August bottom this mid cap cash, futures chart shows a bullish leg that moved vertical in the last few days. A vertical move and new record highs, is a clue that, at a minimum,  a correction is coming.  The million dollar question is how big of a correction, we should expect.  A Cycle degree crash is still a correction, even if it loses 80% of its value.  

It is the majority of analysts that will call it a huge bear market, but they will not find out until everybody parrots the same consensus opinion over and over. Until this chart takes out or slices the bottom trend line we will not know for sure that a big bearish phase is already in progress. 

Every decline I start with, I look for a set of 5 waves, because they are pointers to a new direction. I already have the idealized wave count up for a Cycle degree correction, and most markets may stop well before any 2009 lows. If you are still super bearish by that time, then markets will leave you in the dust, as the solar cycle #25 bull market starts. 

Nothing that hasn’t happened before, as 2009 is a perfect example what the upswing of solar cycles can do. 1932 was also the bottom of a solar cycle, so it has happened many times before.  

We can still have a full 3 years for this mythical correction to play out, and investors will be fleeing the markets in fear. I’m sure the markets will be in an over-sold condition long before any major correction finishes. 

When the conditions are right then insiders and the seasoned contrarians will be the main buyers. Insider buying of public companies must be reported, so this is not some secret information available to just a few people. 

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