S&P Midcap Daily Chart Crash Update


My wave 3 in Cycle degree peaked back in January of 2018, not August of 2018 like the herd of analysts are telling us.  When the media is calling for a potential buy on the “dip”, then they have no clue how big this impending bear market is going to get! The stock mania has already ended folks, as it ended in January 2018. This secondary peak the markets struggled with, belongs to the bear market, as it is an expanded type of a top. Expanded tops are not strange or rare as they can happen in other wave positions as well, like in a wave 3-4 correction.  I could type until my fingers are “raw” explaining the expanded pattern, yet very few wave analysts can even see them.

5 waves down in Minor degree, is what I’m after, and I don’t think we are even close to any potential wave 1-2 position in Minor degree.  We can see how emotional traders really are as all those bulls are now being slaughtered by the stock bulls. If we hear the words “Support”, then ask yourself, “Support for what”?  Some flimsy price level created from a shape-shifting top will throw all wave counts off, and that is only if wave analysts are even close in their wave counting positions!  This is not a GSC, nor SC degree peak, as SC degree is still decades away, in your future. The impending bottom could be closer to 2022, so we have lots of time for this bear market to shred all bullish investments.

The 2008 crash was just a small example of what can happen, and if investors think, it can’t happen again, then they will be wrong and pay dearly for it!  Many experts are telling us to invest for the long-term, and stay the course!  How did that work for stock investors in 1929, 2002 or 2008?  From the 2009 bottom to our present peaks, MidCap investors would have gained 500% in 9 years.

Now they are trying to beat the market, but as usual, the markets will “beat” investors to a pulp.  Are you ready for a 70%-80% correction? The trick of buying on the dips will not work if we don’t know that we are staring into the Grand Canyon. There is a generational shift in effect which will cause the price “deflation” of assets, but the media calls “price deflation a market correction”.

Sooner or later they will start the “blame game”  as they always have to find a scapegoat for investors troubles! If you want reasons for the markets decline then just do a little research in what the “Boomers” are doing. Since 2011, 10,000 “Boomers” have been retiring every day and do you think they will leave their money at risk if they knew about the generational shift?

All those boomers retiring, do you think they can brag about selling at the top? Nobody I know of can tell me that they have retired with all their mutual funds intact paying them during retirement.

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