S&P Midcap Crash Daily Chart Update

This Midcap chart is one of the best forming wave patterns I have. We are getting spikes to the downside but that is pretty normal. Soon we should get to a point when wave 3’s start to appear, then you can bet that the waves will start to get real choppy. More diagonal waves will start to show up and wave patterns will get more confused. The goal is wave 3 in Minor degree so hang on to the saddle as this market is as wild as an unbroken horse. We will get many  reasons why this market is plunging and these reasons will change like the wind. What investors don’t realize is corrections and bear markets will always be  part of the landscape and the difference is just the degree!

In a few years we are heading down to a Cycle degree bottom, which is only one degree higher than what the 2009 bottom was. Most expert wave analysts are already in SC and GSC degree because wave 3 in the past has  “Never” been extended. We are dealing with a wave 3 in Cycle degree that is close to 76 years long, while modern wave analysts are working on an 89-year wave 5 extension.

There is no way that during an entire human lifetime we are in a 5th wave extension, spanning multiple generations as well. It is easy to tell when wave analysts are into a bigger degree than what they should be, and that is to look at the 1987 crash wave position.

Any wave analyst that is looking for a wave 1-2 in Primary degree now is way off in a time warp into the future. A Primary degree decline cannot happen, folks as not a single SC or GSC degree wave count has been confirmed in the last 18 years.

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