Solar Cycles Cause Climate Change!

The above graph counts out the solar cycle peaks with solar cycle 19 being the tallest one since the beginning of the  Space Age. Not too many experts think that solar cycles have any global warming or global cooling effect as the UK tried to call a Climate Change Emergency this week!

Climate change is at the crossroads claims are made by kids and this “Extinction Rebellion”!

Humanity is at a crossroads, Greta Thunberg tells Extinction Rebellion

Even the media is printing claims that she can “See Carbon Dioxide” in the air!  Wow seeing something that never has been seen before sounds like religion to me!

I  could go on and on but one theme completely ignored by the majority in what causes climate change is the sun!

Even the IPCC reports ignored the sun as being important to climate change.

In the financial world, many studies have been done linking the solar cycles to the big business cycles so ignoring the sun and its cycles I think is a big mistake.

I’m pretty sure that if you glue yourself to the tarmac at Heathrow and all other major airports and stop all planes from flying for 72  hours you would see CO2 levels crash!  Stopping planes from flying will save the planet as about 52 lbs of CO2 get produced in every Air Mile!

Of course, if they ever shut down air travel billions of people will starve to death in a very short time.

Another huge factor regarding climate change is the worldwide “Fertility Crash” happening in all major developed countries. None of the climate change warriors know anything about demographics but my generation is starting to disappear fast.

People will believe in myths before they believe in any science because if they did, they would know all life on earth is sustained by our sun.

Some of this stuff sounds ridiculous but this world has gone insane with this climate change “Hysteria”  or “Mania” we are witnessing today!




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