Solar Cycle #24

I have been adding page breaks so please scroll down as the last page is the latest update. (April, 16, 2018) Solar Cycle #24 will stay in the secondary category menu for the foreseeable future.


This is the nice full blown picture of solar cycle #24 and this page will be up permanently, as when solar cycle #24 is getting ready to bottom, we want to know about it.  What I will be looking for is when the solar spots reverse their polarity on our sun, then solar cycle #25 will have started. This chart also does not get updated enough, but the chart below does.




This is basically the same chart, but each dot represents the end of the month which would be April 2016.  The sunspot activity was down to just one sunspot which makes the sun pretty dead already.  Never under estimate the sun because it can still produce a flurry of sunspot activity before it’s dead.  Many solar cycle bottoms have stretched to 13 years, so that 11 year cycle is not etched in stone, but it is a general time period we can use as a base. If the last bottom was in late 2008, then we would only have 13 years to get to a 2021 bottom. 



Here is the solar cycle activity chart up until the end of September 2016, which has started to decline again. They only show up to 2019, but it could take a year or so longer. I have been following the solar cycles for well over 20 years, but did not realize how potent the sun is in controlling the affairs of man in economics, and any stock or futures markets. The sun also causes our climate to change, but this is not really rocket science as I see it. 

Many have done solar cycle studies on this, as I first saw a study by EWI in one of their books. 

I firmly believe that learning the EWP without learning the effect that solar cycles have on the core fundamentals of the economy, will destroy every super bearish wave position we can dream up. When we get closer to the end, then it will be critical to watch when solar activity starts again, as they measure the polarity of the sunspots when they come out.  I’m sure many sites will cover this scientific event, and we should have little problems in finding one. 

Look back to 2008-2009, and we can see how one of the most bearish wave positions in history, was terminated by the upswing in solar activity.  About one or two years just before the bottom we can get a horrific down slide in stocks, so until that has clearly shown itself, it will not be time to invest for the long term.  

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