Solar Cycle #24 Update



Many people have done the research regarding the connection between the sun and our markets on earth. Yet sadly just as many times, they ignore or give up on the study. I originally got the idea from EWI, so they were fully aware of it, but they dumped all knowledge of it when the solar cycle was at a bottom in 2009.

 I have seen many important wave counting failures, leaving the wave analyst in the dust, and  ill prepared for what happen next.  Since they were at a Primary degree wave one bottom in 2009, they failed to see a massive bull market coming.   They failed to see the 2009-2016 bull market coming while all the contrarians were screaming “Buy” and all the insiders in stock companies were also on a buying rampage.  Insiders don’t buy on emotional whims, as when they buy they have a long term investing outlook. This is another reason why wave counters failed to see a huge bull market coming in 2008-2008. 

So when 2021 rolls around and the world of wave analysts are still bearish, then they will be in yet another major bear trap!  



The start of solar cycle #24 is the real fundamental reason behind the stock bull market. I’m sure this will all happen again once we reach the bottom around the 2021 time period. I have added at some solar cycle peaks and bottoms that corresponded well with turnings. The best one yet was when gold topped in 2011 and stock mania took off.  Yes, this stock mania has run since 2011, and what we’ve had was a panic into stocks since the US elections.  

“Panics are the emotional mass realization of reality”, which I quote from the EWP book. It also works on the way down like the 2008 stock market crash did. 

On any solar cycle decline the amount of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions pick up in speed, and some of the biggest volcanic explosions came in the decline of the solar cycles. About a year after a big volcanic eruption the world, temperatures drop. 


In short, this world has nothing to fear from global warming, and CO2, the real problems will start if we hit a few years of global cooling. 


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