Solar Cycle #24 Update


All the investors that ignore the cycles of the sun have paid dearly in the past. The 2008 bottom and the 2018 bottom is 1o years apart but the markets crashed from 2007 to 2009.  Most professional wave analysts ignore the sun even though many studies have been conducted and posted in the EWP books.  A few years before a solar cycle hits a bottom can send the markets crashing. The start of solar cycle #24 killed all the bears, but murdered and skinned the majority of all wave counting bears! Will it happen again? I’m sure it will, as once solar cycle #25 starts to crank up, we will be in a huge bear trap the likes we have not seen since the 2009 bear trap! The housing also crashed in 2007-2009, which is already crashing, so if investors can wait out the next 2-3 years, real estate holdings will be much cheaper than they are now.

I’m going to add a “Global Warming” chart which the alarmists contradict. I’m not an expert by any means but these satellite readings offer an objective look at how the world is heating up and cooling down. Ground-based weather balloon readings confirm the satellite readings and we can only see two record highs. One in 1998 and another in 2016. In the stock bull market leading up to 2000, the global warming hype was pushed right along with the stock market hype. In other words, investors never cared about any global warming fear mongering. The idea that the Polar Vortex is caused by CO2 in our atmosphere is a joke since there isn’t a scientist that can measure the “Forcing” or leverage that CO2 has on worldwide temperatures. BTW, the last time I checked the CO2 levels it hit 411 PPM.   All our smartphones should include a CO2 analyzer then you would see how much more CO2 there really is inside any building.

Trying to reduce our carbon footprint in a world full of carbon is like trying to walk in 2 feet of snow without leaving an imprint. Combine all the governments in the world that are trying to stop a climate-changing world from getting warmer, is created to take your money with a carbon tax!  80% of the world energy needs still use fossil fuels to get food on our tables. If we suddenly stopped using fossil fuels to power the world, all our food distribution would cease and then we would see massive starvation set in very quickly. Oh, but we can move everything in an electrical world! Good luck with that, as electric cars lose power in cold weather. Electric car driving range is seriously reduced in cold weather. Just turning your key on drains power in an electric car.

My opinions are strictly personal and I can rant on and on about it, but in the long run, it’s the sun that controls all life on this planet, and not including any sun forcing in any calculation is a big mistake.


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