Solar Cycle #24, And The Global Warming Mania!

February, 7, 2017

I started this many months ago, in early December 2016, but was never published until today!

There have been many studies made about the connection of the sun and all activities here on earth.  I have been studying the solar cycles for the last 20 years, and we can go back hundreds of years and see that these cycles happen on a regular 11-13 year cycle.  They do stretch between bottoms, as the 2008 bottom was 13 years from the last solar cycle bottom in 1996. Our present cycle is one of the smallest in the last 100 years, and it may also last close to 13 years. (2021)

All my home work shows that earthquakes and volcanic activity increases once we start to head “down” the slope of the solar cycle. It is pretty hard to miss all the stories about volcanoes, and earthquake activity.  The next thing you know they will blame volcanoes and earthquakes on man-made global warming as well.

Is it all a coincidence that the extremes in global warming have matched the extremes in the stock market? Far from it, as climate always changes as we progress up and then down the solar cycles.

The markets can be repelled from a solar cycle top, but the markets also follow the solar cycle back up.   All the fundamentals in the economy improve with the rise of a solar cycle, and then they usually fall apart just before a major bottom of a solar cycle is completed. 2007-2009 was a prime example of this happening.

This was not some lucky coincidental event, but it has happened throughout financial history many times before.

Back in the Little Ice Age and the Dark ages, sunspot activity disappeared for decades in a row. This global cooling devastated the populations of the world, as global cooling affects wheat and food production significantly.

Mini Ice Age, Long Ice Age Glaciation explained is a good video as they talk about the low solar activity and the Mini Ice Age.



As I write this, North America is in a cold snap that has broken many records already.

Arctic blasts causing heavy snow, freezing conditions across the U.S.

Winter to the extreme: Two polar vortex invasions and major storm to whip Lower 48

At these solar cycle bottoms the markets will be at a certain price level, like the DJIA was at 6500 in  March of 2009.  The next previous solar cycle low was in 1996, after which stock prices also started another leg up.  In Japan and the Nikkei bear market, this has worked the opposite way.

In the last few years, we have seen a massive amount of hype all pointing to the destruction of mankind if we continue to use fossil fuels, and keep pumping that CO2 into our atmosphere.  We have a staggering amount of scientists and environmentalist all  saying that the, “Science is settled”.

If the science is settled then there should be no need to fund climate change research anymore.  They can just fire all those scientists that are still collecting monies from governments.  Science is never settled, especially when they are doing the same thing as the hype artists do with the stock markets. I see no difference, as all the global warming computer models have failed in the last 10 years. I bet you will not find a single IPPC computer model that has “not” failed, yet they tell us that the science is settled.

Do not get me wrong as, I do not deny that the earth has gotten warmer  since the last Little Ice Age. It was not a man’s activity that caused global warming, it was the sun that had virtually no solar activity for decades at a time. This produced the Dark Ages and wiped out between 20-30% of the world populations at that time.

This did not happen just once,  but it came in cycles.

Any great civilization that flourished in the past, did so because of global warming, when global cooling arrives, many of these great civilizations disappeared or plunged into a world of fear and little food production.

The Romans did not wear skirts as a fashion statement, they wore them because of global warming.  The Vikings expanded because of global warming but were then kicked out of Greenland because of global cooling.

One can go on and on but recently we have broken some extreme global cooling numbers that the mass media will never have on their front pages.

Every year we get a high temperature reading in July and we get our low winter reading in January.

U.S average temperature 16°F – colder than any time last winter, and winter hasn’t started yet!

The story above includes the chart  where it shows the January 2016 low temperature, then it shows the recent low,  which is 4 degrees lower already,  and the coldest part of the winter is not even here yet.  Remember this is all happening when we experienced the lowest solar cycle going back 100 years.

Locally here in Surrey, BC, we have seen more snow and colder weather than I have experienced in a long time. I will add some local snow pictures below. All photos taken with an iPhone




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