Solar Cycle #24 And Record Solar Flare Update

This is the progress of solar cycle #24 and its declining cycle. Each dot represents the previous month, so for the month of August sunspot activity has exploded. We are not anywhere near a bottom at this time, so don’t think  that solar cycle #25 has already started. Some very specific things have to happen when we transform from sc#24 to sc#25. Solar cycle #24 is also one the smallest since 1910. Solar cycle #25 may also be short as we could get two short solar cycles back to back.

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Yesterday September, 6th, 2017 a super flare hit earth, which was one of the strongest flares in a decade. The sunspot number AR2673 was the culprit, which is on the right side of the sun. Solar flares work just like hurricanes do on earth, except the hurricanes from the sun blast hot rays at us.  When we on earth look at the sun it rotates from left to right.  (West to East)  With the poles flipping in about 11-13 year cycles.  I recorded the start of solar cycle #24 in late 2008 so it could take until 2020 or 2021 before solar cycle #24 ends.

Here is a satellite picture which catches how bright or how strong solar flare AR2673 really was.  Just like hurricanes on earth are classed in category strength, solar flare uses an X Rating.  This flare produced a X9.3. This flare produced satellite communications disruptions, but nothing to do real damage but just some power outages. There are stronger flares that do come which can produce havoc on earth, and even fry a few satellites.  

There is no consensus science going on here as the flipping of the sun’s poles produces a polarity switch inside the solar flares which are easily documented when they happen. Many suns tracking sites will report the flipping of the poles, so we should get a flood of data when the time comes. 

One or two years before the bottom of a solar cycle, we can get a horrific down draft in the stock markets. Until that happens this stock market is not a safe place to invest for the long term. 

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