Silver Intraday Update: Just A Correction

Silver has started a decline which should be part of a correction as we have some very choppy and overlapping waves. This morning silver also made a nice spike to the downside which at many times can be a  reversal pattern. Tomorrow should tell us more if our present  low holds as a wave 2.   If I set this wave 1 top one higher degree, then silver would have to show some very aggressive bullish moves to make it to a potential wave 3 in Minor degree. 

In the end it should all take us to the same new highs and rise well above that mid 2016 peak.  We need to fill out wave 3-4-5 in Minuette degree, before we hit wave 1 in Minute degree.   This is always easier said than done, but this “C” wave bull market is still alive at this point. 

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