Silver Daily Chart, Bullish Phase Review


I have complained many times that silver does not confirm many of the moves that gold makes. Trying to force the same wave count onto silver, or trying to turn its bull market into impulse waves, is a futile effort. For years that is exactly what I was doing, until I realized that the entire silver wave structure, is nothing but a crazy diagonal.  Silver also ended its bullish phase in 2011,  after which it started a decline. Sure,  parts of the silver bear market can be a high grade impulse, but in the end this also falls apart.  A double zigzag could actually be part of a bigger triangle, which ended on a Primary degree “C” wave in late 2016. 

What followed this 2016 bottom, was another very wild ride up. Right from the bottom, any perfect impulse wave structure was trashed rather quickly.  Most of the time this is a warning, that any impending rally would be a potential bear market rally, but how big or how long of a bear market rally,  was debatable. 

Still, this 2016 bottom was so bearish, and silver related stocks were so cheap, that a bull market was bound to happen.  This August 2016 top ended with about a $7 net move, after which it started another grinding decline.  For now at least, silver can be part of a “D” wave bull market, which has lots of room to move to the upside. We already have been in the “C” wave part of this bullish phase, and we need 5 waves up in Minor degree to help confirm it.

In the last days of February 2017 silver peaked and started what looks like a straight move down. Second wave corrections can do this, especially in commodities so I see nothing strange about this move. If and when the 4th wave correction comes, this is when we can get a complex pattern that will keep us scratching our heads for many months,  as the 4th wave correction plays out.  Sure, I can be very wrong, but bullish phases are not that easy to kill. They swing from one extreme and then over to the other extreme, which we can measure with Gold/Sil ratios, and other gold stock ratio calculations as well. None of these contrarian indicators are anywhere near extremes, so this bullish phase is alive and well from my perspective.  

Last week only had 50% bulls present, so that alone tells us that many silver bulls are still out there to come in. Silver had a 24 month low of 16% bulls which in this case was another extreme. Any extreme in  the 80% or higher range,  will start to sound off alarms as this silver market would be starting to get overbought. 

This could happen at a “D” wave top, and we know that “D” waves are all bull traps. The majority cannot tell the difference between a real bull market and a big bear market rally, but the wave analysts eventually have to figure it out.  When they do figure it out that silver is in a bull market, then chances are good that the silver bull market is finished! 

First waves and “D” waves can have very little differences in mood,  and about the only way to tell the difference is by “pattern”.  Price never makes a wave count, as the little blue book clearly shows us. (EWP) 

The silver market imploded in 2011 from a giant, “Stock Mania”  bull attack,  not from some government conspiracy that may or may not have been lurking, in the silver market.  This will happen time and time again, as mainstream stocks will always compete with gold and silver.  

In the long term, silver may hit the $27-$30 price range, after which we can run into some very strong resistance. 


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