Shooting For The Moon: Min DJIA Melt-Up!

This vertical move which started at the mid November lows works best as a diagonal move, as I have too many overlapping waves at critical places.   Today we are finishing another vertical move, after which I expect one of two things to happen. One is a bull market correction, with limited downside, but the other is the start of a much bigger correction with no real support.

At a minimum the DJIA should slice my bottom trend line before I get too excited as violent reversals seems to be the norm in the stock markets.  Usually a 5 wave sequence has to build heading down as they point the way of any new trend. The big difference is the degree level, that we are expecting. Cycle degree, SC degree or GSC degree. My vision is all from a Cycle degree perspective as the rest of the world is in SC or GSC degree. Three completely different worlds and only one can be right!      

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