Shanghai Composite Index (INDEX): SHCOMP


I have a large following from China and I wish I had more time to post the Shanghai more frequently. From the 2007 peak, the Shanghai crashed right along with all the US markets, but after that the Shanghai started to do its own thing. We have a major secondary peak that is a lower peak, which puts the Shanghai into a bear market. Big bear markets are just big bull market corrections from my Elliott Wave perspective.

The 1000 price range could put a bottom to the Shanghai as that would be the previous 4th wave of one lesser degree. From everything I looked at most of the solar cycle turnings has been from the tops of solar cycles not from the bottoms as most US markets have been doing.  Now the Shanghai seems to be drawn to the bottom of solar cycle #24, just like US indices have been doing.

It still may take 3 years for the Shanghai to bottom, but it can turn into a bull market right along with US markets just the same. Despite Trump’s efforts in a trade war we will still be in a world economy, relying on each others products. China is a big buyer of LNG products and imports more oil from Asia than the US does. China now gets more oil from the Middle East than the US does – Vox

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