Russell 2000 Weekly Chart Update!


The Russell 2000 may have hit a peak as well, but this is not the top I count from! Cycle degree wave 3 ended in January 2018, not in September of 2018.  What we have is a potential expanded pattern that very few if any can spot, before they happen.  This is just the lead-in for the “A” wave in Primary degree, and there is no way of knowing exactly where the “A” wave will stop. It may rest at 2016 lows and even go sideways before it turns and starts to head south again.

Since the 2000 peak, every bull market correction has taken a little longer than the previous bear market. This is because of the sequence of 1 higher degree each time.

Any Cycle degree bear market would take longer, which may take until 2022 to finally hit a bottom. Solar Cycle #25 will have the final word, as the starts of new solar cycles are bear-killers! Most of all, the start-up of a solar cycle will kill every professional bearish wave count, just like it did in 2008-2009.

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