Russell 2000 Intraday Bull Run Update

The Russell 2000 had a great run since mid August but has now started to correct. A correction may be an understatement as the bigger bearish phase could resume as well.  Any zigzag rally I think I have created great alternation between the A5 and C5 wave.  A5 sure works as a diagonal 5, while the C5 works great as a normal impulse set of 5 waves. Just in case readers don’t know what I call the A5 and C5 waves, those two labels represents the two sets of 5 waves in a basic zigzag. A5 is the leading set of 5 waves while the C5 is the trailing set of 5 waves.  Any B3 wave is the interviewing correction between the two sets of 5 waves. Many times they are flats,  or expanded flats, or any other complex zigzag can also form.  The main idea is that waves always alternate, so to never make it easy for wave analysts.  

If any wave two in Minute degree has completed then there should be no higher highs created, but we should switch back to creating lower lows. The entire wave 2 rally must be completely retraced before we can confirm that this rally was a fake. In a future update I may switch this decline one degree higher, but I’m still undecided at this time. I believe most of the indices I cover will produce a flat which is alternate to wave 2 in SC degree and wave 2 in Cycle degree. Any triangle is not on the radar screen at this time, as it would take far too long to play out, before solar cycle #25 starts. 


At this time, my chart issues have been resolved,  but I need to see if it remains problem free for the rest of this week. Not until I deleted all my bookmarks, did it start to work  properly again.  

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