Russell 2000, 2000-2016 Review





It may sound silly reviewing the big charts so many times, but it has its purpose.  Just having a bit of fun as I have to check regularly to make sure nobody steals a wave on me, changing the entire wave count without me knowing about. In reality reviewing is always the process of making sure that our present market still fits as best as it can. 

It is so easy to send a wave count into a higher degree, and checking back on a regular basis always gives us a better overall perspective. Besides, we can only find the true wave count positions in the past, as we will  never find them in the future. I can still fit the entire 2009-2015 bullish phase into a diagonal 5th wave, where the 2015 peak may be a top that could be a good spot for Cycle degree wave 3 to live. It may be well over 100 years before we will ever see another wave 3 in Cycle degree, so we really want to take our time in being sure.

I will have no problems with dumping or changing this location if some new all time high is reached. At this point the Russell 2000 still has some distance to travel to break to new highs, but this 2016 bull market has some very choppy waves in.

This blog is all about tracking the Cycle degree waves as they are the basis for any SC degree wave count to start from.  The Russell 2000 Cycle degree wave 4 bottom will be easier to see as we have a major triple bottom, starting way back in 1998.  This may give us a bottom price level between 400 and 300.

If every major wave counter is still super bearish when this happens, then their wave counts will get trashed again, and you will have no chance to buy any indices you want to accumulate. I am, looking to the 2021 time period when the next major stock bottom arrives and solar cycle #24 may have hit a bottom as well. 

Solar cycle bottoms, is the equivalent of a Terminator for bearish wave counts, and all bearish wave counts at that time will get destroyed. 


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