Quick Natural Gas Intraday Bull Market Review



Natural gas is another good example how climate change can affect commodity prices.  It affects the people who are trading in the commodity.  This is not rocket science when record breaking cold spells  has gripped most of North America at this time. The coldest month of the year usally happens in January so I could see NG still performing strong until then, or until the next warm spell. 

America will have big problems in meeting electricity production in the next few decades as Obama has killed off all the coal fired plants at the same time that present nuclear plants become obsolete or worn out.  In a desperate move to crush Trump before he gets going, Obama has stopped offshore drilling in Alaska and the Atlantic. 

All this when we have the potential to drift back into global cooling for the next two solar cycles. I’m a great believer  that Thorium can make up the slack in record time as Thorium is plentiful and is a waste byproduct of rare earth mining. 

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