PetroChina, the first $1 trillion company, has sunk since 2007

This is an old story but they say it was the first trillion dollar campany. It flamed out into the biggest stock collapse in history. Apple has just closed off at over $207 which makes it the third trillion dollar company after Amazon. I want readers to look hard how PTR imploded as I’m sure AAPL or even AMZN will end up looking about the same.  For the last few years PTR has been going sideways and these moves are just bear market rallies and PTR should crash to new record lows by the end of this year.  This pattern is a zigzag folks and even once it hits rock bottom, chances are good another new new zigzag will form.

In late 2007 PTR peaked which is part of the 30 year cycle, and the next Super Cycle may not arrive until a few years before gold peaks.

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