“Nobody Cares About Gold” Commentary

‘Nobody cares about gold’ as hedge funds seek thrills elsewhere – MY Stock 118

The present stories about the Non Commercial traders dumping gold to join the Cryptos Mania is nothing new folks. Back in 1999 when gold was $260, banks were dumping gold, individual countries were selling gold, which they called the, “Ancient relic from the past”. Stocks were peaking as well, so nobody wanted gold. At that time you could only find 14% bulls present, as published in the Market Vane Reports.  From this ugly bottom gold turned and soared 730% as the majority again never saw it coming.

I documented that turning very well in 1999, as even hedge fund managers were dumping gold when it was $260 an ounce.  Back then, mining companies were switching to the Dotcoms which was also called a “New Era”. Just switch the name Dotcoms for Cryptos and voila, we have another “New Era” 20 years after the first one. “New Era”,  are keywords that come in a bull market just before the stock market starts to turn bearish. . In the end, what we did get was the “Old Era”, bear market and small recession.

The sad part about this news is everybody thinks, that the hedge funds (managed money), is the smart money.  Sad to say, but the media is reporting to you what the dumb money is doing, not what the Commercial traders are doing. It’s the Non-Commercials that chase the markets up and down, and they eventually always get into a trap. Last week it was the Commercial gold traders that closed off their gold short positions and, added to their long positions. Commercial trader activities hardly ever get mentioned in the media, so a one sided reason, just sends fear into the hearts of gold investors,

As soon as the bad news for gold came out, gold soared $20 per ounce.  The problem is, nobody studies gold history anymore, and the herd can’t remember anything as a group, so these cycles happen over and over.  Gold is one of the most cyclical markets on the planet, and the real smart people are the contrarians, buying what so called professional “money managers’, are throwing away! Even the ETF GLD has to sell gold to reduce their shares.

My bet is that when gold crosses $1355, we will read the news about managed money buying gold again. When the emotional investors realize that the stock market and Crypto prices are starting to head down, but gold doesn’t  then what do you think they will do.?

It would be a real pleasant surprise to one day see, gold spiking like Bitcoin has. Most people think price is everything, so when the see the gold price falling they think gold is losing its value. In reality the gold price is going back and hiding in the gold ounce. In 1999 nobody could forecast that a $260 priced gold ounce actually contained $1920 cash.  Right now gold has been pointing down while the US dollar and the DOW have been pointing up. This all looks great for an impending reversal for 2018.

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