Nifty: It’s More Than Just A Correction!


It looks like we had our peak just a bit over a month ago, and now the Nifty has shown us in what direction it really wants to go.  It looks like an expanded pattern may also have been completed. Many times the resulting “C” wave can be very steep and the Nifty sure fits that description.

No country is going to avoid or be able to hide from the impending deflationary crash that is coming. What happened in 2008, was just a Primary degree crash and recession but this time it’s bigger by “one” degree. We are heading to a Cycle degree wave 4 bottom that will not be over in just a month or two, but it could take until 2022 before the end of a bear market is near. There is no chance that I can keep up with giving detailed Nifty declines and wave counts, as the Minor degree is 3 degrees below Cycle degree.

All those experts that are telling you to buy on the “Dips” have no clue how big this bear market will get or how long it will take. After 2022 it could take a 19-year bull market before the Nifty hits new record highs, based on the 30-year cycle. The 30-year Cycle ended in 2011, but some dates will be out by a 1 year or so, especially when expanded patterns are involved.

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