Nasdaq New Record Highs Again.

Once again, the Nasdaq sets another record, and it still might not be finished.  The big 5 wave sequence, I’m presently working,  had its start back in March 2017. In mid May the Nasdaq crashed again with a fast sudden move to the downside. That May crash, fits very well as a 4th wave, so looking for the 5th wave peak is the task at hand. Of course they rarely cooperate as extensions can come out of hiding at any time. 

Even though the 5th wave rally is 5 waves in Minuette degree, there would still be a full 4 degree levels that can come out of hiding, which can make any sequence take longer in time and higher in price.   The say June can be very bearish for stocks, but I haven’t seen any evidence of that just yet.  There is no way we can rush the markets, and no amount of fundamental excuses will turn any market before it is time.

We could work this with very bullish wave counts and then suddenly the markets will make their last highs and then proceed with a new trend heading back down. 

Right now this market is still heading up, and wild moves should be expected. 

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