Nasdaq Intraday Downside Breakout!

The Nasdaq decline, we’ve had in the last few days, not longer fits as an impulse very well. I started to get some 3 wave moves, that work better as zigzags, so it’s better to switch to diagonal wave counting for now. There is the potential for a downside breakout situation to end at another “A” wave in Minute degree. We may have to wait until next week before this starts to play out, but there are many sell orders being stacked up below present prices, especially at any potential double bottom.

When the market has switched to the bearish side, then bad news should keep forcing the markets lower. Over time the “Bad news” will no longer work driving the markets down, but instead they will start to recover shortly after the “Bad news” comes out. This usually means we are going to be switching back to a bullish cycle.

With this market crash, fundamental analysts see no change in the fundamentals at all, so they remain very bullish on this market. Fundamentals don’t drive prices, but prices change fundamentals.

Predict a price crash when great fundamentals exist, and you will see the economic fundamentals change after the price change.  The fear of rate increases could be the new “fundamental problem”,  even though they already have known about the higher rates for months already. The biggest fundamental change is that Janet Yellen is “out” and Jerome Powell is “in” which happened on February, 5th, 2018

The Fed – Jerome H. Powell, Chairman

The markets had already started to crash as Jerome Powell stepped in,  so maybe the markets will hate what the new “Fed” still thinks it has to do.

All that money that was dumped into the markets in January 2018, has now been wiped out! Sent to a digital graveyard, in a puff of electronic smoke. The majority has no clue what’s going to happen in the next 2-3 years as they think just a simple 10% correction is going to happen and then the bull market will continue on its merry way.

Good luck with that, as in order for that to happen, we need the majority to hate stocks again. The public is still, “in love” with stocks so we are far away from any meaningful correction being completed. At a very minimum the Nasdaq should travel well below the 4000 price level,  and that’s just to get warmed up, as some simple minded 10% or 20% correction will not do it.

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