Nasdaq Intraday Crash update

Still having chart data problems, but sometimes a chart will show up. In this case it was the Nasdaq as it took the biggest decline when compared to others.  Any previous low can supply temporary support, but it will not tell you if temporary support is just a simple correction in a bull market. 

Even though this was a great move down, we need more evidence that any new trend is sustainable. In other words the Nasdaq has to fall off the cliff, and disappear below all October lows.  We need this just to see if we can establish some decent set of impulse waves. When the markets want to go higher, then sideways choppy patterns should start to happen.  In the end, it’s all about where we start our wave counts from and our perception of what an idealized chart should look like. 

The younger speculators have no clue on what’s coming, as many think this is a generational bull market that will never end.  When players that speculate with Bitcoin are 34 years and younger, why would any investor want to sell the Nasdaq at record highs?

Bull market peaks are the breeding grounds for bear markets, and it matters little what or if,  any fundamental news turns out to be the trigger. 

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