Nasdaq Intraday Bull Market Update

Since the Nasdaq bottom on February, 9th the Nasdaq turned in a very bullish performance, that has gone above and beyond any wave 2 rally. The Nasdaq is now about 100 points away from breaking a new record high, so until this proves otherwise, I have to keep an open mind that a wild spike could still push the Nasdaq higher.

I’m confident that the 2015 correction, was an Intermediate degree wave 3-4, (Expanded). Wave 5 in Intermediate degree did extend  which makes it about even with wave 3 in Intermediate degree. Only 2 out of 3 sets of 5 waves can extend, with wave 1 always been one of the shortest. If it looks like wave 1 is long and or extended then chances are extremely high that it is just an “A” wave.

From the bottom of wave 4 in early 2016 I can fit the entire bull run into a diagonal but I had to move wave 3 in Minor degree up.

All the other indices I cover have to play catch up to the Nasdaq, but we know that they have done this in the past. If something has happened once, then I look for and use these moves with all degree levels. We only have 3 trading days left before the end of the month, and on the 1st we also have a full moon! Any moon cycles can be turnings, but they are unreliable in the direction they want to turn.

The longer any  bullish phase carries on, the shorter our time period to the end of solar cycle #24 will be. This could happen in late 2020 or 2021.  Overall, we could still get a 3 year bear market, but anything shorter is not a problem. What has to happen is that the scientists that track the solar cycles tell us, that solar cycle #25 is poking through in the northern latitudes parts of the sun. Solar cycle bottoms are bear market and wave count “Terminators”, and it will happen again with the start of solar cycle #25. The solar poles are not flipped until the magnetic polarity of the sunspots also change.

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