Nasdaq Daily Chart: Pushing Higher



October started out rather boring, but this may have changed this morning, as gold, silver, and USD jumped together.  The Nasdaq broke just a bit higher, but how long that will last is next to impossible to tell. I will keep this expanded pattern alive after any major peak has happened until I see how the “C” wave decline starts to look like.

Folks, I’m not looking for a simple bull market correction as a Cycle degree bear market is coming. “Stay in it for the long term”,  has been the constant theme, but would you, if a 1929, 2008, type of a crash was coming?  Stock markets and the solar cycles have a love-hate relationship with each other, that before the solar cycle ends, there is usually a big stock market crash or decline. The 1987 crash was about the same, but the 1987 crash was just a Minor degree crash. 2022, is my target year for a major bottom, and this should coincide, with the end of solar cycle #24 and the start of Solar Cycle #25.

I will be keeping my updates short for now, but this market would have to slice right through my bottom wedge, by a wide margin so there is no hope of the markets breaking any record highs for 2018, again.

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