Nasdaq Daily Chart Near Record Highs

Personally, I’m working on reducing my digital footprint, especially any exposure to this wireless world we are in. With the eventual roll-out of 5G networks which requires huge amounts of electricity just to run, we are dealing with a microwave bombardment that will fry all our brains on a 24/7 basis.  20,000 5G satellites are going up and they all will be beaming high-frequency microwave signals back down at us.

I strongly urge readers to research the health effects of microwave radiation and how many are protesting 5G tower installations in their blocks.

When you start riding in these self-driving cars, remember it would be the same as sticking your head in a Microwave oven. The microwaves go through your body and distort the DNA sequence in our bodies. It also destroys fertility in humans.

You don’t have to worry about global warming destroying the human population as our technology will do it for us.

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