Nasdaq, Another Record High

Our last record high in the Nasdaq 100 was 6350. After one day this record is still holding but jumping up and down anticipating a bigger correction may be a bit mature.  OMG, What else is new!   There could still be a  bullish zigzag left to go, and the only way that may not happen is if the Nasdaq keeps heading south.  On the chart above, we have about 4 potential patterns where the Nasdaq could stop, price wise. I’m not looking for a short term temporary bottom if  a Cycle degree wave 3 has completed.  Nobody can guess any Fibonacci retracement level, because we all have different wave counts.  At what price level is the Nasdaq bear market going to halt at, followed by an 8 year bull market?  Nobody will know for sure as everybody will have a different idea, of the degree level we are at in the first place. 

I assure you they are manipulating us to think in Supercycle or Grand Supercycle degree levels. The more fear they can manipulate us with, the more books they can sell.  This bullish phase has frustrated many of the early bears, and at this rate, we have to wait until the Nasdaq corrects well below the chart I have posted. 

The 2008 crash barely lasted a year, and that was a Primary Degree correction, so why should the next correction suddenly take decades or longer to play out. The last SC degree crash and bear market that followed, only took 3 years to complete.  Any Cycle degree correction could also take about 3 or 4 years, then that would be pretty normal from my perspective.  Right now the Nasdaq is still struggling at this small degree level, and we may know more by the end of the day. 

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