Mini SP500 Rally Update

A very strong counter rally is now in force, but if the bigger bearish picture is in effect, then this rally will run out of steam, by the end of this week. This market crash should not be a surprise to any serious market watcher as it seems to happen at every major top in January.

Investors don’t care about buying low and selling high, so they will always get themselves into a bull trap and get wiped out in the process.  The constant brainwashing about staying in the markets for the long term didn’t help in 1929 nor in 2007. No trend lasts forever as all trends eventually come to an end, especially in the general stock markets.

Insiders left this market a long time ago, and there are no real important insider buying announcements that have come out recently.

In futures it’s worse where trends can change direction very violently, with no too little warning. Leverage which produces fear, is the main driver of prices in the futures markets.

The markets are still soaring as I post, so at worst this bullish run could extend into next week.

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