Mini SP500 Intraday Record High: Shooting For The Moon!

Once again the markets have pushed to a new record high this morning, peaking at about 2609 so far. 2610 could be within reach after which I expect another correction.  We need a much bigger correction than what we’ve been getting. We need a correction so big, so there is no hope of any recovery in 2017. At a minimum, we need the markets to retrace back down and below, the early November low. This might be far enough where any wild counter rally will no longer break new highs. 

The Gold/SP500 ratio has not changed that much, and it has been hovering around the 2:1 ratio for most of November. It seems this extreme ratio has been hitting this  2:1 brick wall, which is what I would like to see with other ratios when they become due as well.

The (.75:1)  ratio makes the SP500 extremely cheap, which means it takes less than an ounce of gold to buy one unit of the SP500. 

The return to “cheap” stocks will not happen overnight, as we have to be prepared for the long haul, until 2021 if need be. 

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