Mini Nasdaq 100 Intraday Rally Review: Marching To A Different Drummer.

The Nasdaq always seems to be the bad boy, which refuses to march along with the others in an exact fashion. What else is new? It seems the Nasdaq is playing the leading role, but still is far away from making any new world record highs. The markets have topped in early June, in what is the highest point in all of its entire history.  Records were constantly broken, which sounds more like the Olympics than the stock markets.  In the end the Nasdaq could provide us as a leading indicator, as it surely did in 2009.

Are we going to get another lower high once this rally finishes? The invisible trend line that would connect the two tops, will give us a rough target where it may top at. Hopefully the Nasdaq will run out of steam before it gets there. Apple has also seen a very strong top, which must be exceeded if the bigger bullish phase is not finished just yet. 

As long as the Nasdaq is on the bearish side, any bad news can push the markets down, which is usually a surprise.  We will see how the rest of the week goes. We are also coming up to 2 holidays that can keep this market soaring at least, until after July the 4th, Independence Day holiday. 

With hackers attacking the western nations, it would not surprise me one bit, if the stock exchanges get hacked and everybody is locked out. The powers in control would have to shut all markets down and declare a 3 day holiday.  Once the so called holiday is lifted, then investors may have a real reason to sell! Shutting down computer systems, and then demanding Bitcoin as ransom payments to unlock their computers, seems to be a popular method that hackers are using these days. 

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