Mini DJIA Intraday Crash Review

The DJIA has performed a nice swan dive worthy of an Olympic Gold medal. The only thing wrong with it, is that it’s too small. I started my wave degree with a Micro wave one, but will adjust once we approach any wave 1 in Minor degree. With a Cycle degree decline containing a 3 wave flat, then the first wave could be a zigzag or a single 5-3-5 pattern. The markets will do everything in their power to give as a far more complex wave structure than what is drawn in the EWP book.

Many of the  high degree wave analysts may be starting off with 5 waves in Primary degree. When you do see any wave counts start with  5 waves in Primary degree, then you will instantly know that they think they are in SC, or GSC degree. Since the 2000 top, there was “never” a single wave count, where any 5 waves in Primary degree has ever developed. They tried it from the 2000 peak and then again from the 2007 peak, and in both tries they failed miserably. Nobody will ever convince me that any SC or GSC degree top has ever been reached anywhere after the 2000 peak. 

If we are really lucky, then maybe by 2029, we could see the end of SC degree wave 3 followed 100 years later with the GSC degree wave 3 top!  Of course majority of  the world experts have assured us of unprecedented man made climate change destruction, so if the expert group thinkers are right, then the end of the world will be, at the GSC degree wave three top in 2129.

I will be fertilizing the ground 6 feet below, long before that so only wave analysts that haven’t even be born yet, will experience it. 😯

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