March 2019 Solar Cycle #24 Update

Updated March 12, 2019

I like to add a special page to this post as in February of 2019, not a single sunspot came out.

48 days of 2019 were dead with no sunspot activity producing no sunspots for 70% of 2019.  All of February 2019 was as dead as we can get which had a huge bearing on the insane Vortex this February.

Around lower BC record cold temperatures have been recorded with the most snowfall I have seen in years. Most record snowfalls and wild winter conditions happen during solar cycle lows.

It seems many scientists see the solar cycle low and the reason for most temperature lows, but Investors have no clue. The bull market in 2009 had nothing to do with printing money but it was the start of solar cycle #24 that killed the stock bear.  Solar cycle #24 also killed every bearish wave count put out by the experts in March of 2008!


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