March 2019 Solar Cycle #24 Update

This chart tracks how much sunspot activity is going on for any given month. Each dot you see represents one month of sunspot activity.  During the entire month of February, no sunspot activity was recorded with the first sunspot coming out just a few days ago. Sunspot # 2734 was so small they weren’t going to number it but it grew in size and broke a long spell of no sunspot activity.

The secondary peak in early 2014 was the smallest peak since the early 1900s which corresponded well with the potential Elliott Wave wave 3-4 in Intermediate degree.

The huge debate in the next few years will be the experts calling for a bottom when a new sunspot arrives.  We may be coming up to a 10-year bottom to bottom time cycle but that does not mean anything until the new sunspots come out in the Northern Latitudes of the sun.

This sunspot # 2734 is so small it is hard to see on the sun’s face.  Yet it’s still too close to the equator of the sun. They can measure the polarity of any sunspot and below is a picture of the sun showing the polarity for each. Two of them are so small that they will not be given a count until they survive a full rotation of the sun.

The small insert is sunspot #2734 with the Plus + pointing north.  The other two small sunspots have their + and – poles lining up with the equator of the sun.  Many will start to call an end to Cycle #24 but then it would be one of the shortest measured from one bottom to the next.

Some solar cycles have lasted 13 years bottom to bottom, so calling a bottom now is still far too early.  An 11-12 year cycle would be much better which may not end until 2020-2021.

2021 would also end the 20-year cycle that started in 2000.  Many experts think the sun is not important in controlling climate change but this February with basically no sunspot activity produced one of the coldest Vortex winters on record.  Even our generally mild West Coast saw record lows in February.

I would rather be a bit late in calling any solar cycle #24 bottom until we see clear evidence of sunspot activity being formed in the northern or southern parts of the sun.

Once solar cycle #25 does show itself then you will see a huge change in the stock and commodities markets.  If you don’t want to believe that then just look at the first solar cycle #24 peak in 2011. The fact that gold started to crash at that time was not a random event. Stocks in 2011 started to soar which kicked the stock mania into high gear.

I follow on a regular basis as solar storms are far more important.  Communications do get interrupted here on earth. (GPS) Nasa relies on space weather as solar cycle activity will force them to boast satellites back higher in orbit.

If they did not do this then all the satellites and space junk would eventually produce a constant light show. The International Space Station is set to be taken out in a few more years so that will display a light show that everyone on earth will be waiting for.

I’m not a scientist by any stretch of the imagination. I have been following the solar cycles for well over 20 years and anything I post is just my personal opinion. I will not stop now, as our wave counts get trashed by the sun every time.

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